Jean-François Sprecher

After a career change, Jean-François Sprecher became a real estate consultant affiliated to the CAPIFRANCE network. He quickly realized that buyers were very interested in the exterior of the properties he was selling, and that the need to project the garden was tenfold. 

Jean-François SPRECHER's challenge with logyconcept3D: 

Accentuate customer projection around the “pleasure room” that the exterior represents! 

How to use

Observing all the questions asked about the exterior during property visits, Jean-François quickly decided to equip himself with Augmented Reality software to easily answer his customers' questions. When he has a property to sell, he creates a 3D landscaping project on one or more photos with logyconcept3D, to offer immersion in the garden and thus increase the customer's projection. Individuals love this type of service, and the feedback is very positive. 


✅ Quick customer projection and therefore commitment to simplified purchase 

✅ Bringing in new business by buyers of a property with a projection
The subscription used by Jean-François SPRECHER : logyconcept3D STANDARD

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