Hardware requirements for logyconcept3D

Software/computer compatibility: think about it! 

Why should I check my computer's compatibility?

Logyconcept3D is a 3D software that runs on WINDOWS and requires some 3D technology (e.g. processor or graphics card).

Recommended computer configuration :
Operating system Windows 10 & Windows 11
Processor Intel Core i5, i7 (8th generation and +)
Graphics card Dedicated graphics card strongly recommended
Random Access Memory (RAM) 8 GB
Disk space 10 GB
Computer Less than 5 years

Logyconcept3D runs on a WINDOWS environment only, computer or tablet.

Do you have a MAC?
Logyconcept3D can be used only if the following information is followed: click here to find out more.

We do the compatibility diagnosis for you! Simple & Free!

1 - Download logydiag, the diagnostic tool

2 - Follow the installation procedure & click on send

3 - Our Customer Service will inform you if your computer is compatible.

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