3D configurator for shelters

Create outdoor landscaping projects with shelters of all kinds: pool shelters, outdoor shelters, carports... 

Logyconcept3D, software for shelter dealers


Pool enclosures

With logyconcept3D, you can integrate any type of pool enclosure, from the lowest to the highest. The dimensions of the enclosures can be changed to suit the customer's needs or the size of the pool. 3D simulation of pool enclosures has a real impact on customers, whether they're building a new pool or renovating an existing one.

Logiciel abris 3D

Pool houses

Pool houses are a key element in pool construction, and can also be integrated into projects created with logyconcept3D. There are 2 ways of proceeding: with ready-made objects, or with a specific construction module, which allows you to customize the pool house lining.

Pool house 3D

Carports and carports

As with enclosed carports, logyconcept3D's 3D configurator lets you design carports and carports in 3D. Logyconcept3D also contains 3D objects that can be used to integrate 3D cars for realistic simulation.

logiciel carport

Enclosed shelters

Logyconcept3D makes it possible to create closed shelters in 3D. Thanks to our 3D configurator for shelters, you can create modules with enclosed spaces, which you can of course modify in terms of texture (wood, aluminum...etc).

Bike shelters

As with carports and carports, logyconcept3D allows you to create 3D projections of bike shelters, in 3D or in the garden, with bikes as 3D objects.

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Presenting your pool project in an immersive way, with an augmented 3D visualization accompanied by a costed estimate, is an undeniable asset in reinforcing your proposal! Customers can see how the pool enclosure will look in their garden, which is essential for integrating an element that takes up space and costs money! With logyconcept3D, you can integrate the 3D scene you've created into one or more photos taken in the customer's garden. Create a wow effect!

With logyconcept3D, you can simulate the 3D scene at different times of day. Realistically, you'll see the shadows of elements on the scene. Ideal for making customers dream, you can create projects in Night Mode. Night Mode allows you to darken the scene and light up the luminous objects you've integrated. All in 1 click!

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