Customer cases

More than 1,000 professionals use Logyline software every day. Find out in these case studies why they use them and the results they achieve.

Pool professionals who use logyconcept3D


Customer support is a fundamental value for Piscinelle. Presenting a 3D projection to help customers visualize and realize their pool projects is therefore a matter of course for our advisors. With logyconcept3D, professionals create Augmented Reality projections from photos taken in the customer's garden during the layout study.

SCANZI Piscines

For each customer, Elsa SCANZI creates a file that serves as a basis and simplifies commercial exchanges. The 3D project is communicated to the customer in this way. However, the time spent creating the visuals was a daily burden, adding to the workload. By using logyconcept3D, Elsa divided the time spent creating a projection by 3. and lightened its workload.

De Melo Piscines - Logyconcept3D

DE MELO Piscines

DE MELO Piscines has put its trust in Logyline and its logyconcept3D software since 2016! Customer satisfaction is very important to the company, which is keen to take action to relieve its customers of the administrative burden of declaring work. Thanks to logyconcept3D, DE MELO PISCINES is able to supply complete PDs in PDF format, including the latest CERFA and all the mandatory appendices.

Bell'Eau piscine - Logyconcept3D

Bell'Eau Piscines

Yannick TURPIN has integrated logyconcept3D into his sales techniques, offering his customers projects in 3D or Augmented Reality. He anticipates the need for projection by presenting a photo-montage, which quickly simplifies discussions with the future owner or those wishing to renovate their pool.

Marce Robin Piscines

Marc Robin Piscines

Marc Robin Piscines guides its customers through every stage of the sales process, using logyconcept3D as a crucial tool, from presenting the project in Augmented Reality to drawing up the Declaration of Works.

Shade sail installers who use logyconcept3D

Albiges - Logyconcept3D


Several people in the ALBIGES Design Office use logyconcept3D to simplify exchanges with customers through visuals. The 3D part is the most widely used by the company, which appreciates the way it highlights shade sails with the corresponding sail colors according to the customer's request (fabric catalogs such as Serge Ferrari or Dickson are integrated into the software).

Scamba - Logyconcept3d


Presenting a 3D project created with logyconcept3D has become a milestone in the SCAMBA shade sail sales process. Sail customization enables the creation of a reliable shadow simulation. Shadow simulation based on the project's GPS position, date and time is a feature particularly used by the customer.

Real estate agents who use logyconcept3D

Capifrance - Logyconcept3d

Jean-François SPRECHER

Observing all the questions asked about the exterior during property visits, Jean-François quickly decided to equip himself with Augmented Reality software to easily answer his customers' questions. When he has a property to sell, he creates a 3D landscaping project on one or more photos with logyconcept3D, to offer immersion in the garden and thus increase the customer's projection. Individuals love this type of service, and the feedback is very positive.

Tarpaulin manufacturers using logydraw

Concept Baches - Logydraw

Concept Bâches

Logydraw has been in daily use at CONCEPT BACHES since 2019, for the manufacture of all types of tarpaulins. In order to optimize product manufacturing as much as possible, the software has been parameterized according to the company's techniques and methods.

Vignaut Baches - Logydraw

Vignaut Tarpaulins

After his training at logydraw Bâche in 2020, Léo quickly devoted himself to the software. He gradually integrated it into the company's manufacturing process, along with a cutting machine. He quickly observes the productivity gains generated by this new process. Thanks to the software's simplified parameterization, logydraw Bâche is now customized to the needs of the company, which uses logydraw on a daily basis.

Liners manufacturers who use logydraw

Aqua fermetures - Logydraw

Aqua Fermetures

The project to change the manufacturing software took several weeks to complete, always with Logyline's support. The operators were trained, and the software became the main tool for the manufacture of all types of liners at AQUA FERMETURES. The software is used on a daily basis by the Design Office, whatever the liner to be manufactured.

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