Shelter dealers

Use 3D to improve your sales with software for shelter dealers

Logyline can help you with the following challenges:

Highlighting specific features of your shelterss thanks to a visual

Setting up the shelter in the garden to help customers project themselves

Facilitating communication with the buyer thanks to 3D or Augmented Reality visuals

Offer a service innovative and competitive

The different types of shelters you can customize in just a few seconds on logyconcept3D

Pool enclosures

Whether the pool is built or not, the need for projection is strong for the buyer! When it comes to protecting your pool, there are many alternatives to pool enclosures on the market. Installing a pool enclosure is much more than a means of protecting the swimming area for the owner. 3D projection and Augmented Reality are essential to help customers make the right decision. On logyconcept3D, different types of enclosures are available, from low to high, and can be adapted to the size of the pool. A brand catalog is also available!

Outdoor shelters

Outdoor shelters are becoming increasingly popular as a means of outdoor living. And both private individuals and professionals have a wide choice to choose from, which can be difficult to decide on, especially when the projection is not obvious to the buyer! Outdoor shelters, carports, bike sheds, open or closed pergolas... logyconcept3D offers you tenfold possibilities to answer your customer's questions with a visual.

3D projection of the enclosure, an asset for sales

What buyer wouldn't want to be shown a projection of the garden shed he's planning to buy? None would! And even less so if they were offered the opportunity to compare different types of sheds in real-life situations. Over and above the service, which is always appreciated, the 3D projection provides a concrete visual for the customer's project, who for the moment is imagining what it will look like. And if customers can see themselves in their shelters, they can also see themselves in their purchases! 3D is a key selling point.

Logiciel immobilier

Checking proportions in 3D

Logiciel pour les revendeurs d'abris

For many years now, the garden has been a living space in its own right. Depending on its size, the outdoor shelter can be an extra space that provides protection (from the pool, garden equipment, the car...) but also a place to enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather! To see if the space can hold a living room, a lunch area, or even a summer kitchen, the visual scale and garden is an undeniable asset.

Reassuring the buyer with visuals

Designing a garden is just as important as designing an indoor space, with one notable difference: the cost of fitting it out can be substantial, especially in an economic climate where purchasing power is in decline. Building an outdoor shelter or adding a pool enclosure is often more expensive than redoing a room indoors. Faced with the expense, buyers need to be reassured before making a decision, and with a 3D projection of the shelter in the garden, they can make their choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Software for shelter dealers

Above all, it's a 3D project that needs to be done quickly! Your job? Focus on the customer and his needs. Integrating the creation of a 3D shelter projection into your sales techniques must be done with a simple solution that won't cost you time. logyconcept3D's promise is to enable you to create Augmented Reality projections in just a few minutes, and with no special knowledge of 3D.

Examples of how real estate agents use logyconcept3D

Capifrance - Logyconcept3d

Jean-François Sprecher

Observing all the questions asked about the exterior during property visits, Jean-François quickly decided to equip himself with Augmented Reality software to easily answer his customers' questions. When he has a property to sell, he creates a 3D landscaping project on one or more photos with logyconcept3D, to offer immersion in the garden and thus increase the customer's projection. Individuals love this type of service, and the feedback is very positive.

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