Logydraw-bâche, our cutting software: from its creation in 2006 to today

With millions of plans created since its launch, Logydraw-bâche has changed the daily lives and productivity of many tarpaulin layers!

A look back at an emblematic software  

We are in the early 2000s when Théophane LANGLAIS made his first contacts with professional tarpaulin cutters. At the time, he was a development engineer at a company in La Rochelle. Specialists in the manufacture of non-apparel textile products were looking for an IT tool that would enable them to design their products while facilitating their actions.

An entrepreneur at heart, Théophane saw an opportunity that presented itself. For over a year, and with the help of builders who opened their doors to him, he developed logybâche, a beta version of the software, and created Logyline.

    Logybâche was soon installed at a number of professional tarpaulin cutters. In 2006, IT was much less widespread than it is today, but logybâche still found a "public" of committed users.

Logybâche comes in 3 versions, and its key features are already available: placement, free-form, 3D visualization, customization...

The crisis of 2008 severely weakened the tarpaulin sector, and Logyline's activity in this market slowed down, with other software products being developed or planned. In 2010, business picked up again, and Logyline was installed in new companies of all types, from industrial firms to very small businesses. This, too, is logybâche's great strength: the software's functionalities are specialized around tarpaulin products.

With or without machines, with or without a design office, logybâche delivers what it promises: reliability, peace of mind and productivity.

Logybâche has evolved over the years, with a host of new models and new features, while retaining its essence: simple yet powerful!

Read what Mr ORNER has to say about using logydraw on a daily basis:

From logybâche to logydraw-bâche   

    Fifteen years after its creation, logybâche has become logydraw-bâche. A name change that goes hand in hand with a simplification of the commercial formula, to keep pace with customer demands and market trends.

For this change, Logyline wanted to offer flexibility above all else.

    Our customers can choose between monthly and annual subscriptions.

    To get started, users can work independently or with assistance.
In stand-alone mode, users have access to videos explaining each part of the software, so they can get to grips with it on their own.
Logyline is also available to train users.

Logydraw-bâche offers a range of solutions to the problems encountered, and can be adapted to any business situation.

Customization, logydraw's trump card 

    Created for tarpaulin cutting, logydraw is shaped by the tools and constraints of the trade. As each tarpaulin-maker has his own methods, there may be a need to customize logydraw in order to reduce the creation of cutting plans to 1 or 2 minutes, or even a few seconds.

Logydraw can be parameterized and customized to suit your needs and products.
If some users like to do it themselves, Logyline also offers this service.

    Customizing software not only saves time, it also secures the company's know-how, which is sometimes held by too few people, and can pose a threat to the company in the event of absence.

    It's a major change, a shift you have to be ready to make. And those who have taken it are happy, because it has enabled them to move their business forward, towards productivity and serenity. 

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