Software company Made in Bordeaux: who really is Logyline?

   The name "Logyline" probably rings a bell, you're familiar with some of our products or you work with one of our software packages... but do you really know who Logyline is? In this article, we may reveal some little-known facts. Logyline is a company that is 15 years old at the time of writing. And in 15 years, a lot has happened.

One man's vision

His unusual first name is certainly no stranger to you either... Théophane Langlais is the founder and current CEO of Logyline. Trained as an engineer, he has always had a passion for IT and a desire to bring solutions to professionals, particularly in niche markets sometimes overlooked by major software publishers. Logyline began its adventure in 2006 with logybâche and logyliner (which have since evolved to become logydraw).

Discover the exclusive interview with Théophane LANGLAIS :

   From software to software

Logydraw is a technical drawing software for cutting and manufacturing products in the tarpaulin and non-apparel technical textiles sectors. It's the product that launched Logyline! Its liner-cutting version followed a year later.

These software packages, entirely dedicated to cutting and manufacturing, enable cutting plans to be exported quickly and easily. They marked a first familiarity with the world of 3D, thanks in particular to a flattening function. A "small revolution" at the time, since in 2006, the world of 3D was still relatively unknown in the technical textiles sector. Logyline also offered a first version of 3D software for shade sails, called "Shadesail"...

Used in particular for cutting pool covers and liners, logydraw has also enabled Logyline to gain a foothold in the pool world.

That's right, before Logyline started working with pool builders, it worked with suppliers to the industry!

Logyline's technical expertise led to the creation of logyconcept3D piscine. Logyconcept3D, Logyline's best-known product, first appeared in 2012 in its pool version, then in its shade sail version the following year. This sales support software lets you design projects in 3D and, above all, in augmented reality! Integrating virtual elements into a real environment materialized by photos... Logyline thought of it and did it! Buying a swimming pool without 3D visualization? Installing a custom-made shade sail without being able to project yourself with the shade? Individuals, the customers of our professional users, are always very keen to have 3D simulations so they can project themselves into their future layouts before buying.

Logyconcept3D has been created to meet the needs of the trade, from the authentic dimensioning of all the elements required for the installation of the shade sail, to the declaration of works and the plan of the parts to be sealed for the swimming pool version.

In 2020, logyprojection completes the Logyline suite, specializing in the projection of templates on textiles, allowing already-cut parts to be cut or checked. This software, mainly dedicated to the garment and leather goods sectors, is distributed by MAUGIN in Cholet.

Today, the Logyline suite includes 3 software programs:
- logydraw, available in "tarpaulin", "shade sail", "liners", "liners and pool covers"
- logyconcept3D
- logyprojection.

At Logyline, there's no shortage of ideas for new products and developments! And it's with an entire team that the adventure comes to life on a daily basis.

Watch our software presentation videos directly on our YouTube channels: @logyline_software and @logydraw

   A human adventure

Logyline currently employs 14 people, all of whom are physically based at the company's head office in Mérignac, near Bordeaux airport.
These 14 people, who are passionate about their work, are the driving force behind Logyline, and are organized into 4 departments: Administration, IT Development, Customer Service and Corporate Management.

Our day-to-day work revolves around deploying our products and supporting our users. Every idea counts in our projects! And every project is carried out in a collaborative manner, always with the aim of satisfying our customers.

After all, Logyline draws its strength from its software users.



Our first customers have been with us since 2006! We're very proud that our customers have trusted us for so many years, and that our software has been used for hundreds of thousands of hours.

So we'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you!

Thank you for our daily exchanges!
Thank you for your comments and feedback, which help us to constantly improve!
Thank you for your presence and your confidence!

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