Logyconcept3D for the dematerialization of pool work declarations!

The "Déclaration préalable de travaux" (preliminary works declaration) is a compulsory requirement for the construction of a swimming pool over 10m². It's also a cumbersome administrative task for private individuals, often proposed by the pool builder who designs the pool.
The Déclaration préalable de travaux, colloquially known as the "DP", is also a flagship feature of our logyconcept3D software.
Focus on the advantages of this dematerialized solution, ready to hand in at the town hall!

The solution to the January 1, 2022 law on the dematerialization of swimming pool work declarations

    According to the Ministry of Ecological Transition website, "From January 1, 2022, a user will be able to submit a building permit application online, at any time and anywhere, in a simplified, no-cost process. All local authorities must be able to receive applications for planning permission electronically. Municipalities with more than 3,500 inhabitants will also have to ensure that their applications are processed electronically.

    Logyconcept3D allows you to create the "Déclaration de travaux" electronically and extract a complete file, with a customizable cover page in "pdf" format. The planning application can then be sent directly to the customer, who can sign it (thanks to an electronic signature solution) and then send it back to the pool builder if the latter makes the deposit at the town hall.  

A simple, fast, modern way to declare work  

    The Declaration of Works is not just a CERFA form to be filled in and submitted to the Town Hall. You need to add a number of appendices, not all of which are easy to complete. The ground plan is a good example, since you need to get the plot of land, draw the swimming pool, indicate all the necessary dimensions... and so on. Not easy to do by hand and with a calculator. And that's not the only fastidious appendix that has to be supplied to town halls!
Fortunately, logyconcept3D piscine has the solution!

The Déclaration de travaux feature has been available since the software was created in 2012, and has evolved in line with the demands of our users. Our promise: to enable you to create complete Declarations of Work for swimming pools, in around fifteen minutes, while adapting to the particularities of the customer's terrain (such as slopes).

The drag-and-drop system used throughout the software makes it easy to create the elements required in each step.

Logyconcept3D is linked to geoportail and cadastre.gouv, so you can integrate your parcel in just a few clicks.

I won't mention here all the solutions implemented by logyconcept3D for the Prior Declaration of swimming pools, but I invite you to follow a demo of the software.

For photo-montages with swimming pools, no problem either, since logyconcept3D lets you create a complete environment around the pool from photos taken at the customer's premises. 

augmented reality project created on logyconcept3D

3D pool plans at your fingertips  

    Logyconcept3D is first and foremost an Augmented Reality and 3D design software. In fact, it's the only software that lets you create Augmented Reality pool projects (construction, renovation...) from multiple photos, as well as customized Declarations of Work for pools of any size.

    Creating 3D and Augmented Reality pool simulations is as simple as drag-and-drop, and the 3D plans are integrated directly into the PD appendices. The presentation of a photo-realistic pool project can also be done before the Declaration of Works, as it allows end customers to project themselves before buying!

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