Why present a 3D pool project to a customer?

* Augmented Reality pool project, created with logyconcept3D Piscine

Whether you're a homeowner or even a tenant, we all want to change and improve our living space, whether indoors or out. But sometimes it's hard to decide which changes to make. Naturally, we have the reflex of pencil and paper to sketch out a few lines of what we imagine changing. But it's not always easy, because we're not all talented draughtsmen, let alone natural projectors 😅!

Fortunately, 3D has been invented 😀

Presenting a 3D or Augmented Reality plan to their customers is a matter of course for kitchen or bathroom salespeople, for example. The best-known furniture websites, such as IKEA, also offer 3-D plans to their buyers.

While it's a matter of course for many sectors, 3D and Augmented Reality often remain on the bangs of sales techniques in the retail world. pool. At Logyline, we're well aware of this, because many private individuals still contact us asking us to draw up a single plan for them, so that they can plan and decide. And yet, these people have already had meetings with pool professionals, who unfortunately haven't taken the time to offer them this service.

In this article, we'd like to give you some advice on why, as a pool sales or construction professional, you should present a 3D or Augmented Reality pool project to your customers.

1- You meet a real need

There's nothing better than a visual to project an idea: it's the universal language. A visual is objective and clear. We all have the same need to see in order to understand. It's a fact of life. To sell a swimming pool, it's always a good idea to present a visual of some kind to a customer. Customers don't always ask for this service, but the need is there. 

To increase the customer's projection, 3D is an ally! It highlights the project, adding details that reinforce the realism of the project, which is nevertheless not yet real. Even better, Augmented Reality is the integration of 3D elements into a real world. With logyconcept3D, pool projects can be created in Augmented Reality, using one or more photos taken at the customer's premises.

With a pool visual in Augmented Reality, buyers can project themselves more easily, and this simplifies decision-making, especially when several people have to make a choice together!

2- You boost sales

Thanks to the visual, buyers have all the information they need to make their decision regarding their pool purchase (in addition to the estimate or provisional planning, of course).

In today's digital age, private customers expect far more service from pool professionals. In constant contact with screens and the wealth of information available on the Internet, customers are even more eager to see before they buy, and to receive support from the salesperson.

Proposing a swimming pool project in Augmented Reality is already a big help in making the sale. Even if you don't have any photos of the outside, the simple fact of proposing a 3D project to your customer allows them to visualise how the pool will look in real life, and therefore makes it easier for them to imagine themselves in their own home.

One of the most pleasant customer feedbacks to hear is "I can't wait to dive next summer". Bingo, if the customer is looking forward to it, a sale may follow!

Augmented Reality projects can also be used to complete the "DP 6" stage of the Declaration of Works, which is essential for the creation of a pool larger than 10 m²! With logyconcept3D, you can create not only Augmented Reality plans, but also the other DPs required for the Declaration to the Town Hall. An added bonus for your company!


* video from the Logyline Youtube channel 

3- Keep competitors out

When you present a project in 3D / Augmented Reality, you're putting forward a strong argument against the competition. While some swimming pool professionals are not yet ready to change the image, purchase and design of swimming pools, others are taking their place in this market to: today, stand out, and tomorrow, secure the future of their business.

So, if there's one piece of advice we can pass on: it's important to assert yourself in the digital world while the slots aren't yet overcrowded. As the demand for projection continues to grow, we're sure it will eventually become standard practice to offer such a service in pool sales, as it already is in other sectors.

4- Improve your brand image

Your website Do you have little traffic, or do your social networks only feature photos of construction sites? Now's the time to share new, more dynamic and attractive content!

There's no doubt that showing the work you've done in images helps to attract customers. By adding a touch of technology through 3D, the brand image is further strengthened.

As you can see, Augmented Reality content can be a real source of inspiration for your customers. It's likely to make them want to work with you or think hard about a future pool project. logyconcept3D makes it easy for you to meet this need. By giving ideas, the same people who saw you on the web will contact you tomorrow to develop their project with you.

* examples of posts on the Logyline's Instagram account

Our advice: beware of prejudice! 

I don't need to make 3D visuals to sell
Have you estimated how many more sales you would have made if you had presented a 3D project?
The customer's need for projection remains real.

Customers have never asked me for a 3D project
And have you offered them a 3D visual, even if they didn't ask for one?
It's unlikely that your customer will reply that he doesn't want to plan ahead! 

I don't make enough basins to have 3D software
How many sales would you make by adding an Augmented Reality project to your quotes?
With this type of service, you create a virtuous circle.

Using 3D software is difficult
Have you ever tried software, and if so, was it the right tool? When was the right time to do it?
Sometimes you have to try again, especially when the customer need is there.

3D software is expensive
What's "expensive"?
With logyconcept3D, 3 subscription formulas are available to suit your needs, starting at €54 ex-VAT / month (invoiced annually).

 Do you offer Augmented Reality plans when selling a pool?

If not, why not?

Do you plan to do so in the future?

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