New trends in swimming pools 2023

The pool market is constantly evolving due to changing lifestyles, technological advances and environmental concerns. That's why, in recent years, we've seen new trends emerging in the pool industry, affecting both consumers through their expectations and, professionals through the services they offer. 😁

1- Ecological and sustainable pools

Awareness of environmental issues is growing all the time. It's no news that some pool buyers are influenced by current issues. Ecological and sustainable pools are gaining in popularity. ⛰️🌍

Consumers are looking for eco-responsible solutions, such as energy-efficient filtration systems and environmentally-friendly pool liners. And it goes even further! Indeed, companies in the sector are developing eco-responsible construction and maintenance techniques to limit greenhouse gases, for example. 🌿

2- Connected Pools

There's no end to the technologies being created and improved! Connected pools are becoming increasingly popular, and owners can now monitor and control their pool's parameters - such as water temperature, filtration system, lighting and even chemicals - remotely, thanks to mobile apps and dedicated home automation systems. It's pretty cool and, above all, practical as long as it doesn't break down! 😅

3- Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces

Pools are no longer "just" isolated structures in the garden... Today's homeowners are looking for pools that integrate beautifully and harmoniously with the overall landscaping. Pools are becoming the centerpiece of outdoor living spaces. The outdoor space is also shaped by terraces, outdoor kitchens, lounges and plants. Together, they create friendly, pleasant gathering places! 😇☀️

4- Innovative Custom Designs

Who doesn't want a pool with a unique design that reflects their lifestyle? Pool professionals are increasingly offering customized pools. A spectacular overflow pool, an asymmetrical shape? It's all possible! 💯😎

All professionals in the industry adapt to the ever-changing demands of the market. Logyconcept3D does the same, updating regularly to meet the needs of the pool market! 👋

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