A new dimension for logyconcept3D!

Logyline announces the launch of a new version of its flagship software: Logyconcept3D, a 3D and Augmented Reality software dedicated to outdoor design. This version includes an overhaul of the 3D engine. This major technological advance marks an important step forward in improving the realism of projects and reinforces Logyline's ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge tools to its customers, from mid-September. ✨

Even more realistic rendering

The new 3D engine, which will be rolled out in mid-September 2023, offers increased power to amplify the realism of outdoor design projects. Logyconcept3D users will benefit from an even more captivating immersive experience, with more precise and detailed renderings. Thanks to this significant improvement, professionals will be able to present their customers with more realistic 3D projects, offering an even more faithful vision of the final result. 

An amplified catalog of objects

In addition to the enhanced 3D engine, logyconcept3D will also offer new decorative objects. Users will have access to an expanded library of decorative elements, enabling them to further enrich their projects and create unique, personalized spaces. These new decorative elements will complement logyconcept3D's existing functionalities, offering users a wide range of options. There will also be a new catalog aimed at new landscaping professionals, but we can't tell you all about it just yet...😎

Practical added features

New functionalities will be added. The Declaration of Work section will be expanded with new functionalities and new CERFAs available for other uses. Project publication will also enable you to send even more information to your customers, so that you can provide them with even more support!

A new dimension

This major update is part of Logyline's current renewal. Following the launch of a new website in July 2023, the 3D landscaping specialist is continuing its momentum with logyconcept3D 7.0, due for release in September.

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