De Melo Piscines

Linda DE MELO PAOLONI took over DE MELO PISCINES with her sister Aurélie in 2019 following the retirement of their father, the company's founder. For over 30 years, DE MELO PISCINES has specialized in the construction of traditional swimming pools, from the simplest to the most atypical!

The DE MELO Piscines challenge with logyconcept3D : 

Simplify the customer's procedures with the Declaration of Work, while helping them to plan their future swimming pool. 

How to use

DE MELO Piscines has put its trust in Logyline and its logyconcept3D software since 2016! Customer satisfaction is very important to the company, which wants to take action to relieve its customers of the administrative burden of declaring work. Thanks to logyconcept3D, DE MELO PISCINES is able to supply complete DPs in PDF format, including the latest CERFA and all the mandatory appendices. What has changed since the software was integrated into the company? Declarations of works can be completed in just a few minutes, enabling the necessary steps to be taken to start work as quickly as possible. The Augmented Reality part of the software also supports the sales process and the advice given to the end customer before the pool is built.


✅ Time-saving Declaration of Works

✅ Bringing services to the customer through 3D projection/Augmented Reality 
The subscription used by DE MELO PISCINES : logyconcept3D STANDARD DT

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