Specializing in saddlery, SCAMBA has been created in 2003 and offers tailor-made solutions for shade, including shade sails. After using generalist software for several years, Stéphane ASTANGUL, manager of the company, decided to use logyconcept3D.

The SCAMBA challenge with logyconcept3D : 

Present customised shade sail designs that are true to life

How to use

Presenting a 3D project created with logyconcept3D has become a milestone in the SCAMBA shade sail sales process. Sail customization enables the creation of a reliable shadow simulation. Shadow simulation based on the project's GPS position, date and time is a feature particularly used by the customer. 


✅ Meeting the buyer's projection needs

✅ Providing the customer with a projection service
The subscription used by SCAMBA : logyconcept3D STANDARD

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