After nearly 30 years' experience in tarpaulin cutting, Léo LABORDE joins VIGNAUT BACHES in 2019. The plans for packaging are created by an operator with paper and pencil, and the products are cut by hand. Léo quickly set out to simplify the working methods he had put in place.

The VIGNAUT BACHES challenge with logydraw Bâche: 

Digitize production to guarantee growth

How to use
After his training at logydraw Bâche in 2020, Léo quickly devoted himself to the software. He gradually integrated it into the company's manufacturing process, along with a cutting machine. He quickly observes the productivity gains generated by this new process. Thanks to the software's simplified parameterization, logydraw Bâche is now customized to the needs of the company, which uses logydraw on a daily basis. 


✅ Goal of digitalization of tarpaulin production: achieved! 

✅ Improved productivity: time saving, error limitation

The subscription used by CONCEPT BACHES: logydraw Bâche STANDARD

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